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About Tropical Properties Real Estate on St. John Island

Tropical Properties has been a significant player in the St. John Real Estate market for over 35 years and we continue to be a dynamic force of experts comprised of a team with over 60 years of combined hands-on experience in all facets of real estate, especially in the St. John and U.S. Virgin Islands real estate market.

All of our agents and brokers own property on St. John and have either built homes or developed land here – we love St. John Island as much as you do!

At Tropical Properties, our first goal is to provide sufficient information to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether investing on St. John is right for you.

Owners Rodger and Fran Harland continue to lead their team of brokers and agents in providing you the most comprehensive information available to both prospective and returning property buyers to St. John.

Be confident that you have made the right choice in considering Tropical Properties, and we sincerely hope to help you find your piece of paradise on St. John Island.

A few thoughts regarding real estate…

Buyers who are ready to make lifestyle enhancement choices regardless of age, appreciate the security that an investment in the Virgin Islands and especially that St. John offers. As a U.S. Territory, there is much to be said for living under “The Stars and Stripes.” We hear the expression on Wall Street news shows like “a flight to quality.”

From where we sit, quality is dollar-based investments, as we have yet to read about boatloads of Americans arriving on the shores of France looking for asylum.

The key to any real estate investment is buying value.

We work from the premise that you are looking for value, and value exists in all price ranges. Our objective is to teach you enough about the Virgin Islands – and especially the St. John real estate market to enable you to make the best educated buying decision based on facts.

Real estate ownership on St. John can be a dream come true for many people just like you, and over the past few years has become a reality for literally hundreds who visit the island and are seduced by the beauty of St. John’s beaches, hiking trails and overall laid back attitude and peacefulness.

Plus, the ease of getting to St. John from the mainland via St. Thomas has enabled more property buyers to enjoy their holdings on short notice. Virgin Islands tax incentives for businesses through the EDC Program, as well as improved communications that allow people to work from St. John, has inspired a segment of entrepreneurs who can their live island style dream and commute via a laptop or mobile phone!

If you are inspired to build, we can help and direct you to architects and builders that we have used and continue to recommend with confidence. If your intent is an investment property you can rent short-term, we can show you, by the numbers, what makes sense. We are objective and can make building a positive experience. Start by thinking of building as adding value to a property.

Give us a call and let us help you learn as much as you can about St. John’s Real Estate market.

Our Team sincerely looks forward to taking you down the St John property’s buyer path in a positive and enlightening, journey.

Rodger Harland, Broker/Owner
Tropical Properties, Inc.

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